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Development of fermentation · storage mode for kimchi refrigerator to maintain the best quality of kimchi during storage
김치저장 중 최적의 맛 유지를 위한 김치냉장고 발효·보관 모드의 개발
Song Hee Moon, Eun Ji Kim, Eun Jeong Kim1, and Hae Choon Chang*
Department of Food and Nutrition, Kimchi Research Center, Chosun University 1Refrigerator R&D Laboratory, LG Electronics
조선대학교 식품영양학과·김치연구센터, 1LG전자 냉장고사업부 냉장고 신뢰성팀
To maintain the best quality of kimchi during long-term storage, we developed a fermentation · storage mode for the kimchi refrigerator. The optimal kimchi fermentation temperature was determined to be 6°C with fermentation time of 4-7 days in winter and 3-5 days in spring and fall. Based on these results, the fermentation · storage mode conditions were programmed to consist of a fermentation temperature of 6°C and fermentation times of 111 h in winter and 58 h in spring/fall. When kimchi was stored under the developed fermentation · storage mode conditions, the total acidity of kimchi was almost the same as that of the control kimchi (stored −2- −1°C for 12 weeks). However, the number of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and Leuconostoc sp. in kimchi were higher (101-102 CFU/mL) than those in the control kimchi during storage. In addition, kimchi fermented and stored under the fermentation · storage mode clearly received higher scores for overall preference than the control kimchi.
kimchi, kimchi refrigerator, fermentation · storage, long-term storage, lactic acid bacteria
한국식품과학회지 2018 Feb; 50(01): 44 - 54