→ 한국식품과학회지2018 ; 50(01): 14-20
Development of a pretreatment method for determination of levels of perfluorinated compounds in foods according to fat and protein contents
지방과 단백질 함량에 따른 식품의 과불화화합물 분석을 위한 전처리 방법 확립
Sunah Bang, Na-youn Park1, Youngrim Hwang2, Gil Jin Kang3, Hye-Jeong Kim3, Young-Woon Kang3, Younglim Kho1, and Jung Hoan Kim*
Department of Food Technology & Service, Eulji University 1Department of Health, Environment & Safety, Eulji University 2Department of Food Science and Engineering, Ehwa Womans University 3Food Contaminants Division, National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evalution, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
을지대학교 식품산업외식학과, 1을지대학교 보건환경안전학과, 2이화여자대학교 식품공학과, 3식품의약품안전처 식품의약품안전평가원 오염물질과
Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) have recently been recognized as global environmental pollutants. This study was performed to develop an analytical method for determination of levels of PFCs in food by LC-MS/MS. One hundred and nine food products were divided into two groups based on their fat and protein contents (high and low), following which samples containing high fat and protein contents were pooled and subjected to pretreatment consisting of enzymatic degradation and hexane extraction. The limit of detection of 17 PFCs in the samples were in the range of 0.013-0.145 ng/g. The degrees of precision of detection for group 1 (samples with low fat and protein contents) and group 2 (samples with high fat and protein contents) were 0.8-21.1 and 1.7-28.2%, respectively, with an accuracy of 78.8-109.8% for group 1 and 80-114.5% for group 2. This study indicated that pretreatment of high fat and protein foods with enzymatic degradation and hexane extraction would improve the detection of PFCs in food.
perfluorinated compounds, LC-MS/MS, fat content, enzyme treatment
한국식품과학회지 2018 Feb; 50(01): 14 - 20