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Quality characteristics of functional Nokdujuk prepared with optimum mixing ratio of mulberry leaf and fruit powder by response surface method
반응표면분석법을 이용한 최적 비율의 뽕잎과 오디 분말 첨가 기능성 녹두죽의 품질특성
Min-Ju Kim and Ae-Jung Kim1,*
Department of Alternative Medicine, Kyonggi University 1The Graduate School of Alternative Medicine, Kyonggi University
경기대학교 대학원 대체의학과, 1경기대학교 대체의학대학원
This study was performed to develop and evaluate functional prepared with optimum mixing of mulberry leaf and fruit powder using response surface method (RSM). In order to develop the optimized functional Nokdujuk using RSM, mulberry leaf powder (MLP:X1) and mulberry fruit powder (MLF:X2) were set as independent variables, and pH (Y1), sweetness (Y2), viscosity (Y3), L (Y4), a (Y5), b (Y6), color (Y7), flavor (Y8), taste (Y9), overall quality (Y10), TPC (Y11), and DPPH radical scavenging ability (IC50)(Y12) were set as dependent variables. The optimum mixing ratio of MLP and MLF was determined to be 3.88 g of MLP and 6 g of MLF. The values of color, flavor, taste, overall quality, TPC, and DPPH radical scavenging ability (IC50) of optimized Nokdujuk were 5.20, 5.85, 6.00, 6.22, 330.99 mg TAE/g and 650.10 g/mL, respectively. In conclusion, this study has led to the development of an improved version of Nokdujuk that has antioxidative properties and good sensory evaluation and, will likely serve as a functional meal replacement for the busy modern world.
Nokdujuk, mulberry leaf powder, mulberry fruit powder, RSM
한국식품과학회지 2017 Dec; 49(06): 699 - 709