→ 한국식품과학회지2017 ; 49(06): 632-637
Quality and minimal processing characteristics of ‘Ssam’ vegetables during storage
국내산 쌈채소의 신선편의 가공적성 및 저장 중 품질변화
Tae-Young Hwang*
Department of Food Science & Technology, Jungwon University
중원대학교 식품공학과
This study was conducted to determine the minimal processing characteristics of four vegetables (brown mustard, kale, red beet and red lettuce) for wrapping (Ssam). Prior to evaluation, the vegetable leaves were cut, washed, and packaged. The texture, weight loss, browning index, pH, gas concentrations (O2 and CO2), microbial growth, and organoleptic qualities of the leaves were assessed at 10oC for 7 days. The cutting strength of red beet was significantly different among leaves. The initial springiness of brown mustard was the lowest (0.98%). The weight loss varied between 0.24 to 4.77%, pH ranged from 6.00 to 6.95, and browning index increased to 0.95 during storage. Changes of gas composition were lower in cut leaf than whole leaf. Aerobic bacteria (4.9-8.0 log CFU/g), yeast (not detected), mold (-3.5 log CFU/g), and total coliforms (5.0-8.0 log CFU/g) were assessed in the samples. Thus, overall quality of kale and red beet leaves with minimal processing showed satisfactory results when stored for 7 days.
ssam, wrapping vegetable, fresh-cut, processing characteristics, gas composition
한국식품과학회지 2017 Dec; 49(06): 632 - 637