→ 한국식품과학회지2017 ; 49(05): 519-523
Effect of Ipomoea aquatica extract on anti-melanogenesis and skin barrier function
공심채 추출물의 멜라닌 생성 저해 및 피부장벽 개선 효과
Hyun-Soo Kim*
Department of Food Science and Technology, Jungwon University
김 현 수*
중원대학교 식품공학과
We investigated the applications of functional materials through the examination of a variety of physiological activities of Ipomoea aquatica extract. I. aquatica extract showed low cytotoxicity against murine melanoma B16F10 cells. At concentrations that exerted little or no cytotoxicity to the cells, I. aquatica extract showed high DPPH radical scavenging activity (ID50, 7.84 μg/mL), inhibited tyrosinase activity (ID50, 106.56 μg/mL), and decreased melanin content (ID50, 41.75 μg/mL). The treatment of B16F10 cells with I. aquatica extract suppressed the protein expression of tyrosinase in a dose-dependent manner. These findings suggested that I. aquatica extract inhibited melanin synthesis in murine melanoma B16F10 cells through the suppression of intracellular tyrosinase expression, as well as the simultaneous direct inhibition of tyrosinase activity. Additionally, I. aquatica extract promoted the expression of involucrin, which is related to skin barrier protection. These results indicate that I. aquatica extract may be an appropriate material for the improvement of skin barrier function.
Ipomoea aquatic, melanin, tyrosinase, involucrin
한국식품과학회지 2017 Oct; 49(05): 519 - 523