Food Science and Biotechnology
→ Food Science and Biotechnology 2017 ; 26(5): 1357-1362
Isolation of thermotolerant yeast Pichia kudriavzevii from nuruk
Da-Hye Choi1, Eun-Hee Park1, Myoung-Dong Kim1
1Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, Gangwon 24341, Korea
Thermotolerant yeast strains were isolated from nuruk, a traditional Korean fermentation starter in which variety of microorganisms are present. Among the isolates, the MBY1358 identified as yeast Pichia kudriavzevii showed significantly higher growth rate (0.59 ± 0.00 1/h) at 44 ℃ than other strains. Maximum ethanol concentration of 8.35 ± 0.03 g/L was obtained from 20 g/L glucose with yield of 0.44 ± 0.01 g/g at 44 ℃, which is 1.14 times ethanol production of the control strain of P. kudriavzevii. The MBY1358, which was significantly more thermotolerant than the control strain and fermented 200 g/L glucose to 107.33 ± 5.03 g/L ethanol at 44 ℃, was deposited to Korean Collection for Type Cultures (KCTC) under the accession number 27654.
Nuruk, Thermotolerance, Yeast, Pichia kudriavzevii, Ethanol
Food Science and Biotechnology 2017 ; 26(5): 1357-1362