→ 한국식품과학회지2017 ; 49(04): 349-354
Discrimination of geographical origins of raw ginseng using the electronic tongue
전자혀를 이용한 수삼의 원산지 판별
Hyemin Dong, Ji Young Moon, and Seong Hun Lee*
Experiment Research Institute of National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service
국립농산물품질관리원 시험연구소
The geographical origins of raw ginseng (RG) were discriminated using an electronic tongue. Taste screening, DFA (discriminant function analysis), and CDA (canonical discriminant analysis) were used to statistically analyze the data. The taste profile patterns of umami, bitterness, and sweetness of the Korean RG was different from those of the Chinese RG. The Korean RG was stronger than the Chinese RG regarding the taste of umami. DFA discriminated the geographical origins of 154 samples, with a few overlapping samples, between the Korean and Chinese RG. CDA showed that the accuracy of origin discrimination for the Korean and Chinese RGs were 87.01 and 94.81%, respectively. The final accuracy of origin discrimination was 90.91%. The distance between the centroids of each group was 2.7463. Thus, the electronic tongue analysis can be used to efficiently differentiate the geographical origins of RG.
raw ginseng, geographical origin, electronic tongue, taste profile pattern
한국식품과학회지 2017 Aug; 49(04): 349 - 354