Food Science and Biotechnology
→ Food Science and Biotechnology 2017 ; 26(1): 21-28
Effect of germinated grain flours on physicochemical characteristics of rice cakes, Seolgitteok
Young-A Kim1, Su-Jung In1, and Jeonghae Rho1,2,*
1Department of Food and Nutrition, Inha University, Incheon 22212, Korea 2Korea Culinary Science Research Institute, Ansan, Gyeonggi 15534, Korea
Minor grains and their germinated shoots such as buckwheat, Job's tears, and mungbean have diverse bioactive functionalities. In this study, the flours of grains and germinated grains were added to Korean rice cakes, known as Seolgitteok, and the effects on properties such as starch gelatinization and retrogradation were examined. The dietary fiber content, blue value index, amylogram, texture properties and sensory evaluation of Seolgitteok were also investigated. Rice flour amylogram results showed that addition of buckwheat, germinated Job’s tears, and mungbean decreased starch setback, and that addition of buckwheat decreased consistency, which are related to slowed retrogradation. Buckwheat, especially when germinated, delayed starch retrogradation, which is one of the main drawbacks of rice cakes. Seolgitteok with added germinated buckwheat possessed preferable sensory qualities.
germination, rice cake, buckwheat, mungbean, Job’s tears
Food Science and Biotechnology 2017 ; 26(1): 21-28