→ 한국식품과학회지2021 ; 53(5): 521-526
Comparison of structure and physicochemical properties of commercial domestic and imported wheat starch
시판 우리밀과 수입밀 전분의 구조 및 이화학적 특성 비교
Gyeong A Jeong1, Jinhee Park2, Kyeong Hoon Kim2, and Chang Joo Lee1,*
1Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, Wonkwang University 2Wheat Research Team, National Institute of Crop Science, Rural Development Administration
정경아1 · 박진희2 · 김경훈2 · 이창주1,*
1원광대학교 식품생명공학과, 2농촌진흥청 국립식량과학원 밀연구팀
This study characterized the chemical structure and physical properties of domestic commercial wheat starch and compared them with those of imported commercial wheat starch. Three varieties of domestic commercial wheat starch (DWS) were compared to three types of imported wheat starch (IWS). The morphology of DWS granules was spherical with diameters 17.0-18.3 μm; the IWS granules exhibited various diameter sizes (16.6-17.7 μm). The amylose content of both DWS and IWS was between 23.2–23.8%. DWS exhibited smaller gelatinization temperature ranges and gelatinization enthalpies compared to IWS. These results suggest that IWS-PW (plain wheat starch) is a mixture of many types of wheat starch. In conclusion, the quality of domestic wheat flour and imported wheat flour was related to gluten content as well as to the starch properties.
domestic wheat starch, imported wheat starch, starch structure
한국식품과학회지 2021 Oct; 53(5): 521 - 526