→ 한국식품과학회지2021 ; 53(5): 514-520
Understanding the targeted metabolites and molecular structure of starch in Kimchi according to glutinous rice paste content during fermentation
찹쌀풀 첨가량에 따른 김치의 발효 중 대사산물 및 전분 구조 변화
Duyun Jeong1, Ju Hun Lee2, and Hyun-Jung Chung3,*
1Department of Food and Food Service Industry, Kyungpook National University 2Division of Food Science and Culinary Arts, Shinhan University 3Division of Food and Nutrition, Chonnam National University
정두연1 · 이주헌2 · 정현정3,*
1경북대학교 식품외식산업학과, 2신한대학교 식품조리과학부, 3전남대학교 식품영양과학부
This study identified and quantified the sugar-related metabolites and analyzed the structural features of starch in kimchi added with various concentrations of glutinous rice paste during fermentation. The pH values and total bacterial counts indicated that the fermentation of kimchi with 10% glutinous rice paste progressed more quickly than that of kimchi with other rice paste concentrations. The addition of glutinous rice pastes to kimchi resulted in increased glucose and decreased fructose contents during fermentation compared to the control kimchi. Maltose content increased significantly with increasing glutinous rice paste concentrations. The average chain length distribution of starch in kimchi decreased with increasing proportions of short chains as fermentation progressed. However, the average chain length distribution of starch increased with increasing glutinous rice paste concentration in kimchi. Our results confirmed that the sugar-related metabolites and starch structural changes were highly influenced by the added starch paste concentration.
kimchi, gelatinized starch, fermentation, metabolites, molecular structure
한국식품과학회지 2021 Oct; 53(5): 514 - 520