Food Science and Biotechnology
→ Food Science and Biotechnology 2021 ; 30(4): 497-503
Development and validation of multiplex PCR assay for differentiating tunas and billfishes
Na-Ye-Seul Kim1 • Eun-Ji Park1 • Seo-Hyun Lee1 • Kwang-Ho Mun1 • Ji-Young Yang2 • Jung-Beom Kim1
1 Department of Food Science and Technology, Suncheon National University, Suncheon, Jeonnam 57922, Korea 2 Department of Food Science and Technology, Pukyong National University, Busan 48513, Korea
Commercially available tunas and billfishes are generally processed as steaks, making it difficult to visually distinguish between the two. We developed and validated species-specific primers to prevent the adulteration of tunas by billfishes. Tunas and billfishes primers were designed on the cytochrome oxidase subunit I. Multiplex PCR bands obtained were 579 bp, 291 bp and 114 bp for tunas, billfishes and internal control. Sensitivity was determined to be 5 ng for tunas and billfishes. A total of 50 samples were monitored: 49 for tunas and 1 for billfish. As a result of the monitoring, the fake tunas did not show due to the agreement between product name and the raw material of the wrapping paper. Our results indicate that the species-specific primers developed in this study are suitable for differentiating tunas and billfishes. The newly developed multiplex PCR assay is a time and cost effective technique for determining the authenticity of tunas and billfishes.
Tunas · Billfishes · PCR assay · Validation · Monitoring
Food Science and Biotechnology 2021 ; 30(4): 497-503