→ 한국식품과학회지2020 ; 52(6): 595-603
Structural elucidation of immuno-stimulating polysaccharide, galactomannan isolated from Colocasia esculenta
토란으로부터 분리한 면역활성 다당 galactomannan의 구조적 특성 규명
Hee-Won Lee1 and Kwang-Soon Shin1,*
1Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, Kyonggi University
이희원1 ·신광순1,*
1경기대학교 식품생물공학과
To elucidate the structure-function relationship of polysaccharides obtained from Colocasia esculenta, the immuno-stimulating polysaccharide, CE-4a was purified to homogeneity from the crude polysaccharide (CE) extracted from the corms of C. esculenta by two subsequent column chromatographies using DEAE-Sepharose FF and Sephadex G-100, and analysis of their immuno-stimulatory activities and structure were conducted. CE-4a showed an increase in anti-complementary activity in a dose-dependent fashion. The molecular mass was estimated to be 182.4 kDa, which mainly consisted of galactose (43.5%) and mannose (18.2%). Methylation analysis indicated that CE-4a comprised at least 10 different glycosyl linkages, such as terminal Galp, 3-linked Galp, and 4-linked Manp, as well as a characteristic linkage, 2,4,6-branched Manp residue. To analyze the fine structure of CE-4a, it was sequentially digested using endo-α-(1→4)-polygalacturonase, exo-α-galactosidase and endo-β-1,4-D-mannanase. These analyses suggested that CE-4a is to be a highly branched galactomannan with a (1→4)-mannan backbone and galactopyranosyl oligosaccharide side chains.
Colocasia esculenta, taro, polysaccharide, galactomannan, structure
한국식품과학회지 2020 Dec; 52(6): 595 - 603