→ 한국식품과학회지2020 ; 52(4): 377-384
Physicochemical qualities, antioxidant compounds, and activities of six mini paprika cultivars
Seolji Baek1 and Youngjae Shin1,*
1Department of Food Engineering, Dankook University
Paprika is a popular vegetable with high visual appeal and desirable flavor, the health benefits of which are increasingly attracting interest. In this study, the physical qualities, antioxidant content, and activities of six mini paprika cultivars were investigated. Both the edible part (flesh) and the by-products were studied. The average total phenolics and total antioxidant activities were higher in the flesh than in the by-products. The total flavonoids of the flesh and the byproducts were 16.41 and 37.80 mg/100 g FW, respectively. “YW glory” and “Raon yellow” flesh had the highest (245.52 mg/100 g FW) and lowest (179.96 mg/100 g FW) total phenolics among the six cultivars, respectively. However, the “RD glory” cultivar showed the highest total phenolic content (232.70 mg/100 g FW) among the by-product samples. The total phenolics in the flesh and by-products were highly correlated to the ABTS radical scavenging activity, with R=0.961 and 0.984, respectively.
mini paprika, flavonoids, phenolics, antioxidant, correlation
한국식품과학회지 2020 Aug; 52(4): 377 - 384