Food Science and Biotechnology
→ Food Science and Biotechnology 2020 ; 29(7): 953-959
Improvement of viscous substance production during Cheonggukjang fermentation added with glycine
Ha Gyoon Na1 • Min-Ah Kim1 • Ji Woo Shin1 • Yun Ju Cha1 • Beom Soon Park1 • Mi-Ja Kim1 • Jae-Cheol Lee1 • SangGuan You2 • Ki-Hyo Jang1
1 Department of Food and Nutrition, Kangwon National University, Samcheok 25949, Republic of Korea 2 Department of Marine Food Science and Technology, Gangneung-Wonju National University, Gangneung 26403, Republic of Korea
When Bacillus subtilis NB-NUC1 associated with Cheonggukjang fermentation was aerobically grown in a synthetic medium containing 1 to 2% glycine (w/v), cell growth was inhibited in a dose-dependent manner. Subsequently, different concentrations of glycine (0, 1, and 2%) were used in Cheonggukjang fermentation for 96 h at 40 °C. Supplementation of 1% glycine increased extracellular γ-glutamyl transpeptidase (γ-GTPase), responsible for the production of viscous substance. Based on correlation studies, we conclude that the production of viscous substance is correlated with viscous extension (r = 0.867), extracellular proteins contents (r = 0.821), and γ-GTPase activity (r = 0.807). The molecular weight of the viscous substance obtained during Cheonggukjang fermentation by B. ubtilis NB-NUC1 was also affected by glycine supplementation. Our results demonstrate that glycine supplementation before solid-state fermentation may increase the mass production of mucilage in food industry.
Bacillus spp. ㆍ Cheonggukjang ㆍ Glycine ㆍ Secretion ㆍ Viscous substance
Food Science and Biotechnology 2020 ; 29(7): 953-959