Food Science and Biotechnology
→ Food Science and Biotechnology 2020 ; 29(5): 631-639
Pilot-scale subcritical-water extraction of nodakenin and decursin from Angelica gigas Nakai
Min-Jung Ko1 • Mi-Ri Kwon2 • Myong-Soo Chung2
1 Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, College of Engineering, Hankyong National University, Anseong-Si 17579, South Korea 2 Department of Food Science and Engineering, Ewha Womans University, Seoul 03760, South Korea
Active components were extracted from Angelica gigas Nakai by subcritical-water extraction (SWE) with the purpose of determining how the extraction conditions affect the SWE of antioxidant properties and active components (nodakenin and decursin), and to compare pilotscale SWE (8 L) and conventional extraction methods. The extraction yields of nodakenin and decursin in the pilotscale system were highest at 150 ℃ for 10 min and 190 ℃ for 15 min, respectively. The extraction yield of decursin increased as the stirring speed was increased to 200–250 rpm. Pearson’s correlation indicated that the radical-scavenging activities using DPPH and ABTS assays were more sensitive to the Maillard reaction (R2 = 0.822 and 0.933, respectively) than to the total phenolic contents (R2 = 0.486 and 0.724, respectively). The extraction yield of decursin was higher when using conventional extraction methods than for SWE.
Subcritical water extraction · Angelica gigas Nakai · Pilot-scale system · Decursin · Nodakenin
Food Science and Biotechnology 2020 ; 29(5): 631-639