→ 한국식품과학회지2020 ; 52(2): 183-190
Physicochemical and functional properties of Gochujang with fermented tomato products
토마토 발효액을 이용한 고추장의 이화학적 및 기능적 특성
Eun-Jung Yim1, Seung-Wha Jo1, and Do-Youn Jeong1,*
1Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry
This study was conducted to investigate the physicochemical and functional properties of Gochujang in the presence of fermented tomato products. To accomplish this aim, tomatoes were fermented using Bacillus subtilis SRCM100333, and the products were used with Gochujang. As a control, non-fermented tomato liquid was used with Gochujang. There were no significant differences in quality characteristics except for amino nitrogen in Gochujang. The functional properties of tomato liquid (TL), fermented tomato product (FTP), Gochujang made with tomato liquid (TLG), and Gochujang made with fermented tomato products (FTG) were investigated. There were significant differences in the pancreatic lipase inhibition (PLI) and superoxide scavenging activity between FTP (87% and 28%, respectively) and TL (77% and 14%, respectively). Nitric oxide scavenging activity of FTG (52%) was higher than that of other groups (TL, FTP, and TLG). Overall, the results indicate that the fermented tomato can be used to develop functional Gochujang.
Tomato, Gochujang, pancreatic lipase inhibitory activity, superoxide scavenging activity, nitric oxide scavenging activity
한국식품과학회지 2020 Apr; 52(2): 183 - 190