→ 한국식품과학회지2019 ; 51(6): 509-516
Quality characteristics according to ground particle size of roasted brown rice ‘Dodamssal’ containing resistant starch
저항전분 함유 도담쌀 볶음 현미가루의 입도별 품질특성
Jiyoung Park1, Seuk-Ki Lee1, Induck Choi1, Hye-Sun Choi1, Namgeol Kim1, Dong Sun Shin1, Kwang-Ho Jeong1, Changhwan Park1, Hyun-Jung Chung2, and Sea-kwan Oh3,*
1Department of Central Area Crop Science, National Institute of Crop Science, Rural Development Administration 2Division of Food and Nutrition and Research Institute for Human Ecology, Chonnam National University 3National Institute of Crop Science, Rural Development Administration
1국립식량과학원 중부작물부, 2전남대학교 식품영양과학부, 3국립식량과학원
In this study, the general components, particle size, starch content, hydrolysis index (HI), and estimated glycemic index (eGI) of ‘Ilpum’, a medium-amylose rice cultivar, were compared with those of ‘Dodamssal’, a highamylose rice cultivar containing resistant starch. The volume weighted mean was significantly smaller in ‘Dodamssal’ than in ‘Ilpum’. The resistant starch content of ‘Dodamssal’ was about 13% and there were no differences in terms of particle size. The HI and eGI were found to be significantly higher in ‘Ilpum’, and there were no statistical differences in ‘Dodamssal’ except for samples with an average particle size of less than 50 µm. Therefore, ‘Dodamssal’ was concluded to be valuable as a health-food material since it is easily ground evenly when processed into rice flour, contains resistant starch, and has a low glycemic index. These results could be used as basic data for developing processed ‘Dodamssal’ rice-based products.
resistant starch, rice cultivar, particle size, hydrolysis index
한국식품과학회지 2019 Dec; 51(6): 509 - 516