→ 한국식품과학회지2019 ; 51(4): 348-355
Extraction of starch from frozen potato whole-tissues using cellulase and its physicochemical properties
셀룰로오스분해효소에 의한 동결감자로부터 전분의 추출 및 물리화학적 특성
Jaehyun Kim1 and Hyun-Seok Kim1,2,*
1Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, Graduate School, Kyonggi University, 2Major of Food Science and Biotechnology, Division of Bio-convergence, Kyonggi University
1경기대학교 대학원 식품생물공학과, 2경기대학교 바이오융합학부 식품생물공학전공
This study investigated the impact of cellulase treatment on the extraction yield of potato starch (PS), and compared the physicochemical properties of PS by conventional (CSE) and enzymatic (ESE) starch extraction. In ESE, the PS extraction yield was predominantly influenced by reaction temperature, time and their interaction, compared to the cellulase concentration. When potatoes were treated for 8 h at 40°C with 1.5% cellulase, the PS extraction yield was about 3.4-fold higher than that by CSE. Compared to CSE-PS, ESE-PS showed lower total starch contents and higher amylose contents, resulting in lower swelling factors and distorted pasting viscosity profiles accompanied by absence of peak and breakdown viscosities. However, ESE did not affect the gelatinization characteristics of PS. Overall results suggested that ESE can provide the highest yield of PS, and ESE-PS can be a potential starch source for extending the utilization of PS in food industries.
potato, starch, cellulase, enzymatic extraction, physicochemical property.
한국식품과학회지 2019 Aug; 51(4): 348 - 355