→ 한국식품과학회지2019 ; 51(4): 343-347
Culture characteristics of Leuconostoc mesenteroides WiKim32 in kimchi cabbage juice without supplements and sterilization
비살균 무첨가 배추즙에서 Leuconostoc mesenteroides WiKim32의 배양 특성
Eung Soo Han1,*
1Research and Development Division, World Institute of Kimchi
1세계김치연구소 연구개발본부
This study was performed to develop an economical culture method of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) for kimchi fermentation. Leuconostoc mesenteroides WiKim32 was grown to 1×109 CFU/mL and maintained at 8.88 log CFU/mL for four days by culturing in kimchi cabbage juice (KCJ) without supplements and sterilization. Leuconostoc mesenteroides WiKim32 was cultured in 100 mL of KCJ by inoculating with 0.1% starter culture and adding 100 mL of KCJ everyday by adjusting pH to 5.5 using 1 M NaOH at 20°C for four days. KCJ was prepared by extraction of kimchi cabbage leaves after washing them with citric acid and ethanol. Adjusting pH over 6.0 was favorable for the growth of LAB in the initial stage, but LAB growth was retarded in the later stage. In contrast, adjusting pH below 5.0 was not beneficial for the growth of LAB; therefore, pH was adjusted to 5.5.
lactic acid bacteria, kimchi cabbage juice, fed-batch culture, non-sterilized, non-supplemented
한국식품과학회지 2019 Aug; 51(4): 343 - 347