→ 한국식품과학회지2019 ; 51(4): 309-315
Quality characteristics of sesame oil obtained from imported sesame (Sesamum indicum)
참깨의 수입 형태에 따른 참기름의 품질 특성
Ji-Young Choi1, Suin Bae1, Jiyoon Kim1, Jungsoo Kim1, and Kwang-Deog Moon1,2,*
1School of Food Science and Biotechnology, Kyungpook National University, 2Food and Bio-Industry Research Institute, Kyungpook National University
1경북대학교 식품공학부 식품생물공학전공, 2경북대학교 식품생물산업연구소
In this study, the physicochemical characteristics of imported whole sesame oil (WS; WS1, WS2), imported sesame powder oil (SP; SP1, SP2), sesame oil mixed with imported whole sesame and sesame powder (WSP; WSP1, WSP2) were analyzed and their quality characteristics were compared according to the imported raw material type. L* and b* values of WS1 were the lowest and the browning index was significantly high. WS2 showed contrasting results. The redness of sesame oil was high due to its high acid value. The correlation value showed a low acid value as the content of saturated fatty acid was high. SP showed low values for antioxidant property and overall preference. The overall preference score of sensory evaluation showed the highest positive correlation with the score, suggesting that SP lacked the unique fragrance. Therefore, SP lacked the specific aroma and antioxidant property.
importation, sesame powder, sesame oil, quality characteristics
한국식품과학회지 2019 Aug; 51(4): 309 - 315