Food Science and Biotechnology
→ Food Science and Biotechnology 2019 ; 28(3): 759-767
Extraction of polysaccharides under vacuum condition from Lentinus edodes stipe and their antioxidant activities in vitro
Shunfeng Li1, Anjian Wang1, Lina Liu1, Guangrui Tian1, Fangfang Xu1
1Institute of Agro-Products Processing, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, No. 116, Huayuan Road, Zhengzhou 450002, Henan Province, People’s Republic of China
To improve the efficiency of polysaccharide extraction, vacuum technology was used to breakdown the cell wall to extract polysaccharides from Lentinus edodes stipe, and the optimal parameters were optimized by response surface methodology. Then the antioxidant activities in vitro of the polysaccharides were evaluated. Results showed that the optimal conditions for polysaccharide extraction were temperature of 62°C, vacuum of 0.08 MPa, stirring speed of 1200 r/min, time of 25 min and material/liquid ratio of 1:26 (g/mL). Under these conditions, the yield of polysaccharide was 4.28%. The decolorization rate and deproteinization rate of polysaccharides treated by kaolin and hydrogen peroxide were higher than that of activated carbon. However, there was no significant influence on the polysaccharide retention rate, that was about 80%. Results also indicated that polysaccharide treated with activated carbon could obtain higher antioxidant activity.
Lentinus edodes stipe, Polysaccharide, Vacuum, Extraction, Antioxidant activity
Food Science and Biotechnology 2019 ; 28(3): 759-767