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Superhongmi bran extract improves lipid profile and menopause symptoms: a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial
슈퍼홍미 미강 추출물의 폐경 후 여성의 혈중 지질 농도 및 대사성 질환 개선 효과
Soo Im Chung1,2, Su Jin Nam2, Jie Liang2, Jing Wen Ma2, and Mi Young Kang2,*
1International Agricultural Training Center, Kyungpook National University, 2Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Brain Korea 21 Plus, Kyungpook National University
정수임1,2·남수진2·Jie Liang2·Jing Wen Ma2·강미영2,*
1경북대학교 농업과학기술연구소, 2경북대학교 식품영양학과
Women who undergo natural menopause transition have increased numbers of risk factors relating to metabolic syndrome due to estrogen deficiency. This study was conducted to investigate the effect of Superhongmi bran extract on metabolic syndrome improvement in menopausal women. Thirty women, who participated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, were assigned to placebo-control (n=15) or Superhongmi bran extract (n=15) groups and were asked to consume two tablets (350 mg per extract per tablet) per day. After 12 weeks, weight, body mass index (BMI), plasma triglyceride (TG) levels, and total cholesterol (TC) levels were significantly decreased, whereas HDL-cholesterol (HDL-C), apolipoprotein A1 (ApoA1), adiponectin, superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1), and GSH (glutathione) concentrations were significantly increased in the Superhongmi bran extract group. Moreover, 17β-estradiol, and progesterone levels in the Superhongmi group were significantly higher than those in the placebo-control group. These results suggest that Superhongmi bran extract alleviates metabolic symptom in menopausal women.
functional rice, Superhongmi, metabolic symptoms, menopause, hormone replacement therapy
한국식품과학회지 2019 Apr; 51(2): 182 - 187