→ 한국식품과학회지2019 ; 51(2): 169-175
Changes in oligosaccharide content during the storage period of maesil cheong formulated with functional oligosaccharides
기능성 올리고당으로 제조한 매실청의 저장기간 중 올리고당 함량 변화
Moon-Joo Bae1 and Sang-Ho Yoo1,*
1Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, Carbohydrate Bioproduct Research Center, Sejong University
1세종대학교 식품생명공학과, 탄수화물소재연구소
This study was carried out to produce the health functional food maesil cheong by replacing sucrose with isomaltooligosaccharide and fructooligosaccharide. The substitution levels of these oligosaccharides were between 10% and 100%. A 1:1 (w/w) mixture of maesil and sugar was adopted for preparing maesil cheong. The pH of maesil cheong remained unchanged (between 2.72 and 3.00) during 90-day storage period, regardless of oligosaccharide content. Citric and malic acids were identified in maesil cheong; citric acid accounted for 71-82% of the total organic acid content. Sucrose was completely liquefied in the sample after 30 days and was hydrolyzed steadily into fructose and glucose over the storage period. More than 75% of isomaltooligosaccharides remained in maesil cheong after 90 days when sucrose was completely replaced with isomaltooligosaccharide. However, fructooligosaccharides were mostly decomposed at the end of storage period. Thus, isomaltooligosaccharides may be suitable for acidic maesil cheong products to expect its health functional effect.
maesil cheong, Prunus mume, fructooligosaccharide, isomaltooligosaccharide, sucrose
한국식품과학회지 2019 Apr; 51(2): 169 - 175