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Reverse osmosis causes change in volatile compounds in onion juice
역삼투압법에 의한 양파착즙액의 휘발성 성분 변화
Zen Shim1,*, Myeong-Hee Jeon1, Dae-Hee Lee1, Yong-Seok Kim2, Sang-Mi Lee2, Jung-Min Choi2, and Eun-Ji Jang2
Sempio Fermentation Research Center, 2Department of Food Science and Technology, Ewha Womans University
1샘표식품 주식회사, 2이화여대 식품공학과
Reverse osmosis (RO) was applied to onion juice to produce concentrated onion juice with improved flavor. The volatile compound profiles of concentrated onion juice and onion juice were compared using solvent-assisted flavor evaporation followed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Onion juice and RO-concentrated onion juice contained 48 and 62 distinct volatile compounds, respectively, and included alcohols, aldehydes, esters, terpenes, furans, ketones, acids, hydrocarbons, and sulfur-containing compounds. The RO-concentrated onion juice contained a greater number of volatile flavor compounds than did onion juice. Notably, sulfur-containing compounds, which are characteristic volatile flavor compounds in raw onions, were more abundant in the RO-concentrated onion juice than in onion juice. The volatile compound composition indicates that RO-concentration produces good quality onion juice.
onion juice, reverse osmosis, volatile compounds, concentration, non-thermal process
한국식품과학회지 2019 Feb; 51(1): 7 - 11