→ 한국식품과학회지2018 ; 50(05): 499-503
Quality characteristics of frozen surichwi rice cake made using transglutaminase treated-rice flour
Transglutaminase 처리 쌀가루를 이용한 수리취 첨가 냉동 송편의 품질특성
Sewon Jang1, Dong-Ho Seo2, Jun-Seok Kum2, Jong-Dae Park2, Hyun Wook Choi2, Jung-Min Sung2, Yun-Sang Choi2, and Byung-Hoo Lee1,*
1Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, College of BioNano Technology, Gachon University, 2Korea Food Research Institute
1가천대학교 식품생물공학과, 2한국식품연구원
Transglutaminase (TGase), which forms linkages among proteins, has been used to improve food quality. In the current study, quality characteristics such as color values, texture profile parameters, and sensory profiles of the frozen surichwi (Synurus deltoids) rice cake made using transglutaminase (TGase) treated-rice flour were investigated, with a view to producing high-value rice products. The results indicate that Hunter color values (L and b) and TPA parameter values (hardness, gumminess and chewiness) of frozen surichwi rice cake made with TGase-treated rice flour were significantly changed, and that these properties may be applied to improve the sensory qualities of final products. Also, the sensory acceptability scores related to color, appearance, taste and texture, as well as overall acceptability of the TGase-treated frozen surichwi rice cake, were found to be significantly higher compared to controls. In conclusion, the results clearly indicate that TGase-treated rice flour carries the potential to improve the overall quality of frozen rice cake, and that surichwi is an effective ingredient for sensory profiles.
frozen rice cake, surichwi, rice flour, transglutaminase, quality characteristics
한국식품과학회지 2018 Oct; 50(05): 499 - 503